Garage Headlight Screening

Garage Headlight

Garage Headlight Screening

A parking garage screening system offers a combination of strength, style and security for both underground and outdoor parking lots. While its unique manufacturing capabilities allow designers the freedom to create parking garage screening systems, they also provide a functional, durable, and aesthetic appeal.

System Advantages

Parking garage screening also provides several advantages for the building owner and occupants:

  • Privacy: Screening systems provide visitors with a sense of security from the outside, without the feeling of being walled off.
  • Shade: Architectural metal systems are highly effective at blocking out the sun while still allowing air to circulate freely.
  • Safety: Parking garage sunshade systems offer visual screening against unwanted visitors.
  • Durability: Parking garage systems enhance the visual aesthetic while providing up to a 20-year finish warranty.
  • Energy Efficiency: Some systems can minimize energy consumption by decreasing the amount of light and heat that enters the structure.
  • LEED Potential: Most systems can qualify for LEED Certification point contribution.

High Versatility in Design

In addition to its various system benefits, parking garage screening is also highly versatile. Architects and designers work with us because of our ability to customize systems in different shapes, sizes, and materials. Available in a range of styles and configurations and customizable to meet your requirements, we fabricate parking garage security screens that deliver unmatched value and performance. Our in-house design and fabrication experts offer the perfect solution for architects and designers to transform dull structures into design statements with a screening system.

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