Architectural Grilles and Decorative Louvers

Whether architectural grilles and decorative louvers are a visual feature or require a functional need, they are an important yet unique element of a project. Our architectural grilles and louvers provide a distinguished accent to a building while also limiting visibility, adding security, concealing high-traffic areas, and providing excellent ventilation. The most common applications of architectural grilles and decorative louvers are for balcony railings, building façades, parking ramps, parking garage enclosures and vision barriers.

Unlimited Customization

As a fabricator of architectural grilles and louvers, our products meet the needs of architects, contractors, engineers and designers. While we design to meet custom specifications, we also offer a wide variety of design options including your choice of material, size, perforation pattern, color and finish.

From initial drawings to final delivery, our experts will ensure that your architectural grilles and decorative louvers are fabricated to the highest quality standards and delivered on time. Our goal is to provide the best product and service in the industry.

Product Features

While our architectural grilles and decorative louvers offer unmatched benefits, our high-quality products create the desired appearance and function for any project.

  • Unlimited design options available
  • Credits for LEED projects
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Advanced finishing techniques for long-term use

Units are pre-assembled at the factory for fast and easy installation on-site.

Model Types

Although we customize architectural grilles and louvers to meet required specifications, we offer several standard model types:

  • Bar Grilles
  • Tube Grilles
  • Perforated Grilles
  • Egg Crate Grilles
  • Curved Grilles
  • Round Grilles

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