We fabricate our calcium silicate products with exacting detail.  These materials are highly heat and water resistant without the loss of insulating efficiency making them perfect for many applications, including oven walls, furnace linings, casting tables, cable trays and transition plates.

Cost-Effective Approach

Our specialized machining process allows our team to fabricate these products efficiently and to custom specification for each project.

Custom Insulation

The products we fabricate with calcium silicate provide custom designs for insulation that work with various fittings using Marinites A, C, and I, as well as Transite HT and 1000.

Marinites A & C

Marinites A and C insulation boards use heat-treated formulations for forming molten aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. The resultant boards are thermally shock resistant, have a low thermal conductivity rate, provide high structural strength at elevated temperatures, and are non-corrosive.

Marinite I

Marinite I is a non-asbestos fire-resistant insulation material. These boards combine structural strength and high thermal insulating values in a variety of fireproofing and heat processing equipment applications. Additionally, Marinite I structural insulation is highly damage-resistant, non-corroding, and water-resistant. It also provides fire safety, uniform temperature control and minimal maintenance.

Transite HT and 1000

Transite HT and 1000 are non-asbestos, monolithic fiber cement boards that can be used in environments up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit where high strength is the primary concern. These boards offer less shrinkage and degradation when compared to other asbestos-free formulas. The more prevalent Transite found in wall construction and roofing tiles can last between 50 to 100 years.

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