Parking Garage Screening

A parking garage screening system offers a combination of strength, style and security for both underground and outdoor parking lots. While its unique manufacturing capabilities allow designers the freedom to create parking garage screening systems, they also provide a functional, durable, and aesthetic appeal.

System Advantages

Parking garage screening also provides several advantages for the building owner and occupants:


  • Privacy: Screening systems provide visitors with a sense of security from the outside, without the feeling of being walled off.
  • Shade: Architectural metal systems are highly effective at blocking out the sun while still allowing air to circulate freely.
  • Safety: Parking garage sunshade systems offer visual screening against unwanted visitors.
  • Durability: Parking garage systems enhance the visual aesthetic while providing up to a 20-year finish warranty.
  • Energy Efficiency: Some systems can minimize energy consumption by decreasing the amount of light and heat that enters the structure.
  • LEED Potential: Most systems can qualify for LEED Certification point contribution.

High Versatility in Design

In addition to its various system benefits, parking garage screening is also highly versatile. Architects and designers work with us because of our ability to customize systems in different shapes, sizes, and materials. Available in a range of styles and configurations and customizable to meet your requirements, we fabricate parking garage security screens that deliver unmatched value and performance. Our in-house design and fabrication experts offer the perfect solution for architects and designers to transform dull structures into design statements with a screening system.



Perforated Sunshades and Sunscreens

Perforated sunshades and sunscreens can be integral for a building’s exterior to enhance both its efficiency and aesthetics. Whether you’re looking for a unique design feature or need to control the amount of sunlight, our customized perforated sunshades and sunscreens create a one-of-a-kind look. In addition, perforated sunshades can be formed into specific shapes in both horizontal and vertical configurations to achieve the architectural vision.

Long-lasting Material

Metal is the ideal material for perforated sunscreens and sunshades because it offers greater longevity than any other building material, can be fabricated to any shape, is easy to maintain, and is available in a variety of colors and finishes.

Structural Benefits

While the perforation pattern, hole size and shape allow control over privacy and the amount of light coming into the interior of the building, we also customize all outriggers, fascias and infill to fulfill any design needs. There are also several other benefits perforated sunshades and sunscreens bring to a building:


  • Lower energy costs
  • Reduced heat and glare from the sun
  • Natural light passes through to illuminate the interior of the building
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Improvement of the aesthetic appearance of the building
  • Attaches to curtain wall or façade, into the building structure, or as infill in a steel frame
  • Strong, durable, functional
  • LEED credit compliant

Green Design

We are experts in meeting any sustainability requirements. By using green design concepts, our perforated sunscreens and sunshades can meet LEED sustainability standards. Not only are our perforated sunscreens and sunshades fabricated with recycled material, they can improve building energy consumption.


Easy Assembly and Installation

Both our pre-engineered sunshade systems and customized sunscreens add beauty and functionality to any facility. Regardless of which type of perforated sunshade or sunscreen you choose, we design for ease of assembly and installation.



Brise Soleil

Brise soleil is an architectural sunshade feature that deflects sunlight. This system reduces heat gain, while also allowing natural light into a building. The objective of a brise soleil is to not only block direct sunshine from entering a building throughout the warm season, but to also allow for direct sunlight during the cool season. This multi-functional combination provides the greatest benefit for reducing energy consumption over the life of your building.

Fully Customizable

Since the angle at which sun rays enter the window depends on the time of day, time of year, overcast and latitude of the building, there are several brise soleil options. Our fully customizable brise soleil allow an array of blade profiles, blade spacings, and trim styles.

Design Options

  • Fixed: Fixed brise soleil blocks sun rays that shine in vertically, while allowing a horizontal view from out a window. In many occasions, a fixed brise soleil only covers the upper part of the windows.
  • Projected: Projected brise soleil often offers solar protection for the top floor of a building.
  • Horizontal or Vertical Fins: Horizontal and Vertical Fins can either cover the whole facade or just the top of the windows. Fins block part of the sunlight and can redirect some of the natural light into the building. Because vertical fins are dominant, they are a great product to enhance a façade.



Light Shelves

Architectural light shelves are sun control devices that contribute to aesthetics, sustainable design and occupant comfort. While we can provide your building with our standard light shelves, our experienced fabricators can customize a design for your building’s specific needs. Because we work closely with architects, engineers, contractors and installers to ensure seamless integration of our products, we deliver cost-effective solutions that meet both visual and performance criteria.

Interior Advantages

To help reduce the need for artificial lighting in buildings, light shelves contain a highly reflective surface that refracts daylight onto the ceiling of a building’s interior, allowing light to enter further into the building. Also, due to their overhang, light shelves provide shading near windows, thereby reducing window glare. This reduction in both glare and heat retention leads to more productive energy use and earns LEED points toward energy-efficient building construction.

High-Performing Functions

Our light shelves function as high-performing elements to help:


  • Distribute natural light deeper into building
  • Reduce brightness and glare
  • Decrease heat accumulation
  • Deflect sunlight
  • Increase daylighting
  • Aid as a shading device
  • Contribute to LEED credits
  • Maximize energy efficiency

Custom Features

Whether you’re looking for your building’s light shelves to meet complex curves and bends, custom colors or unusual attachment conditions, our customizable light shelves feature:

  • Several panel material options
  • Availability in various angles and depths
  • Customized corner design
  • Integration with typical window treatments
  • Compatibility with multiple curtain wall and storefront framing systems
  • Custom finishing

Determine what is best for your project’s specific needs by contacting us today.

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