Thermally Broken Girts

A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

Thermal bridging is recognized as a significant factor in building envelope heat loss. It has been determined that the total heat flow through typical wall assemblies is underestimated due to thermal bridging.  Simply adding insulation to walls alone does not provide enough energy reduction to meet today’s building codes. FPG’s Thermal Girts complete the facade and compliment other energy reduction efforts.

FPG Thermal Girts has the solution to the issue of thermal bridging through exterior insulated wall assemblies, and is the best value on the market for addressing the issues most often associated with cladding attachment systems without breaking the budget:

Faster to install.

Lower overall cost.

Completely eliminate metal to metal connection across the insulation envelope.

Provides continuous themal break  meeting energy code requirements.

Insulation thickness may be reduced.

Easily adjustable and modifiable for alignment.

Little to no learning curve.

Standard sizes stocked for quick ship.

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Meets Code Requirements

Because traditional methods of attaching cladding through exterior insulated wall assemblies can cause thermal bridging, meeting code requirements is challenging.  Therefore, a solution to the ever-increasing code performance requirements for wall assemblies is our Thermally Broken Girts. 

Thermally Broken Girts for Cladding Systems

Our Thermally Broken Girts capture the specified insulation and provide structural attachment support for cladding systems and substrates.


Superior Thermal Performance

Engineered for optimum thermal and structural properties, our Thermally Broken Girts provide thermal efficiency for cladding systems. Due to standard cladding attachments, thermal bridging largely affects the heat loss of a building through its wall assembly. Our simple solution greatly reduces thermal bridging by eliminating the heat flow path from the cladding to the insulation on the building. This subsequently results in an effective U-value of the wall assembly.

System Benefits

Providing structural support to wall panel systems, our Thermally Broken Girts can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

  • Improves thermal effectiveness
  • Installs faster than conventional systems
  • Works with almost any insulation and thicknesses
  • Available in custom sizes

Our Thermally Broken Girts are a cost-effective solution for any substrate or cladding system, providing for a high performance wall.


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